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Mama Beans All Purpose Germ Cleaner CONCENTRATE is now here! 


With this CONCENTRATE you can make 6-8  16 oz bottles *(depending on how strong you like it).


Fill 2 capfuls from CONCENTRATE bottle and add water. 


Clean and Enjoy!


*Includes 1 empty 16 oz bottle so you can get started! 





  • Why we use what:

    Kelp is 100% biodegradable, and neutral ph making it one of the healthiest, gentle and most effective cleaners there is.  

    The kids-safe essential oils used in this cleaner make for a perfect family of health: 

    Sweet Marjoram - Makes for a calming environment and encourages relaxation. 

    Lavender - Promotes relaxation, treats anxiety & depression and provides an uplifting energy. 

    Melaleuca- Antibacterial & antiviral.

    Lemon Peel- Fights Harmful Viruses/ Bacteria, Mood Booster. 

    Black Spruce- Respiratory & Immunity Support, Clears Congestion. 

    Tea Tree - Germ fighter, antibacterial and antiviral. 

    Balsam Fir- Anti-bacterial, reduce anxiety, relieves cold symptoms & congestion.

    Geranium- Antibacterial, promote calmness, alleviate anxiety. 


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